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Welcome to the FindEcon web site
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FindEcon 2014
Organisers: Department of Econometrics, University of Lodz
May 15-16, 2014, Focus Hotel, Lodz, Poland


The most up-to-date PDF version of the Programme of FindEcon'2014 Conference
is available HERE.

The inaugural lecture on Thursday (May, 15) at 9.20 pm  will be given by
professor Timo Terasvirta (Aarhus University, CREATES)

You can also find the poster with invited speakers
and sponsors of the conference (PDF)

Specification and Testing of Multiplicative Time-Varying GARCH Models with Applications by Amado and Tera svirta is available HERE
Reflections on Thirty Years of Financial Liberalisation by Shanti P. Chakravarty (Bangor University) is available HERE

The conference serves for the benefit of all participants.

Respecting your time and obligations we expect you to participate in the conference to the largest possible extent.

By this we understand:

- your active participation during conference days,

- accessing the papers via internet before the conference and active discussions during sessions,

- extensive co-operation with our Department after the conference on relevant topics,

- advertising the FindEcon conference for our community growth,

- forming international teams for submission of scientific projects.


As a participant you have an opportunity to take part in a fruitful scientific discussion and social programme.

You can find many academics and proffessionals connected with modelling and forecasting financial markets.


Last Updated on Monday, 12 May 2014 17:01
FindEcon 2014 Released

Department of Econometrics,
at Institute of Econometrics
, University of Lodz

is proud to announce the release of 11th Bi-Annual Conference

on Forecasting Financial Markets and Economic Decision-Making



May 15-16, 2014, Lodz, Poland

Call for papers

We are still looking for the papers to be presented during the poster session for young researchers (including students).

There is a reward for the best poster sponsored this year by Timberlake Consultants Ltd Polska

FindEcon is an international meeting organized annually (from 2012 bi-annually). We have hosted participants from Poland and many other countries. The conference is a dynamic activity and has a very good score. We invite keynote speakers.


This year prof. Timo Teräsvirta (Aarhus University) has accepted our invitation for the conference with a paper on: "Specification and Testing of Multiplicative Time-Varying GARCH Models with Applications" (joint paper with Christina Amado)


Under the patronage of: KNF-Polish Financial Supervision Authority and Narodowy Bank Polski

Sponsored by: The City of Lodz Office




The Conference and welcome reception scheduled for May 14 will be held at:

Hotel Focus

Focus Hotel,

90-554 Łódź

ul. Łąkowa 23/25

(phone +48 42 637 12 00)

Here you will be accommodated with full meal service. We will spend there most of the conference time.

Below are the links describing how to get to Conference venue from the two train stations:

Łódź-Kaliska -> hotel Focus  
Łódź-Widzew -> hotel Focus



Mariusz Górajski
Secretary of FindEcon2014
University of Lodz
Rewolucji 1905 r. Str. No. 41
90-214 Łódź, Poland
Phone: (+48 42) 635 5248
Fax: (+48 42) 635 5025

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