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Poster session
For young and empirically oriented economists:

We invite you to submit the draft of the poster.

You should also provide us with some details on your past empirical research or future plans (e.g. the title of your PhD thesis). We accept results of the finished empirical studies described in scientific English.

Please consider the following parts in your presentation:
- motivation / introduction,
- quantitative methods used / to be used,
- data description,
- obtained or predicted results,
- conclusions / implications for economic policy.

Please, send an idea of your presentation directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it of FindEcon
or send us an abstract with motivation, data and methodology (up to 100 words).


After being accepted - please act according to the poster sesssion rules:

Poster session is held during FindEcon Conference on Thursday at Conference Venue

Poster session will last about half an hour. During the poster session time, presenters are expected to remain at their individual displays to be available for questions and informal discussion of the poster content.

The mounting of the display must be accomplished 15 minutes before session.

We request poster board surfaces to be less than A0 format (120cmx90cm).
A table will be provided for you to place handouts or other supplementary materials on. Pins, thumbtacks, scotch tape and scissors will be provided for mounting your display.

Your poster will be most effective for your presentation and most valuable for the conference participants if:

- a heading is prepared for your presentation using lettering at least 3 cm high for the title of the presentation. The names of the presenters and their affiliations should also be included on the heading, but can be printed in a smaller font.
- all lettering on the poster is large enough to be read from 2-3 metres away.
- the poster clearly and concisely states the theme of your presentation, such as a statement of your topic or problem, major findings, conclusions or strategies to be discussed, or any other important information. The sequence of information on the poster should be logical and clear in order for a participant who just walks by and reads your poster to have a clear idea of your presentation and the major facets of it.
- you use lists, phrases, bullets, charts, drawings, or photographs on your poster instead of full text blocks. This is will be more appealing to the eye for participants and full-text material can be included on the table for participants to read or review or take with them.
- you use color on your poster for eye appeal.

Your poster can be in a form of printed Powerpoint/Impress/Beamer presentation.



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